Let’s understand Artefacts!

The dictionary defines an artefact as “An object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest”. These artefacts help archaeologists to study historical culture and get an insight into our past. Artefacts not just give us a peek into the life of our ancestors they also bring alive, culture, diversity, knowledge and history with it.

Today, artefacts are our proud possession. We own it either because it is passed down to us through generations or we own it because we love the historical values and ideologies they have. Every house today has some unique piece with them which becomes their proud possession over the years.


Evolution of Artefacts
Artefacts ideally could be a tumbler made of gold or a beetle nut container adorned with precious stones. In the past, it would have been an essential commodity but today it is standing evidence of skills people had, materials used for making stuff and also the time period of which era it belonged to. If you want to hold on to a piece of your past heritage one will definitely hold on to the pieces they have.

In India, many artefacts are found which speak volumes about Ramayana and Mahabharata. Scientific methods were deployed to study the rich history of India. Artefacts along with the presence of palaces, murals, and fort walls establish the fact that both Ramayana and Mahabharata existed.

Since these Artefacts are rich in their history, it becomes easier for people to come in contact with history in their daily life. But history comes with a price and is extremely rare and only a few can possess it. So, Artefacts have gone through a major behavioural and material transformation. Earlier, they were made with precious gems/gold/silvers etc. Only kings and queens had lavish adornment in their homes. But today things have changed.

With changing times an artefact belonging to African native land may be seen in an Indian traditional home. With lines thinning between culture and traditions, everyone is keen to adopt things that look good in their house and matches the décor.

Today artefact is more sustainable, compatible and trendy and adapting with changing times.