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About Vedas Exports

India’s rich cultural heritage is unparalleled and looked upon by the entire world. Amidst the Make in India movement to encourage the local companies and manufacturers, Vedas Exports Private Limited wishes to make every house, building, restaurant, hotel, conglomerate, etc. experience at least one piece of their décor.

Vedas foundation lies in the philosophy of making India self-reliant and has achieved it by not leaning into any imports of handicrafts or décor items from overseas. It believes in divinity and originality of the indigenous products tailored to suit your needs.

Vedas is an innovative brand in the décor industry, offering handmade products crafted to perfection. We can vouch for its elegant products, trends, and sophistication in the market. Catering graciously to the increasing demands for exquisite décor items, Vedas has gained a strong foothold in the local, national, and global markets. The vision is to reach every single town and each seller dealing in décor, says Palash Agarwal, the Founder and Director of Vedas Exports Private Limited.

Vedas is a family run business that brings out a range of decorative items inspired from ancient
traditions across the globe and richness of Indian heritage yet accommodating a modern touch. Our brand is acknowledged for its professional approach in creativity and understands the importance of aesthetics, trends, quality, and pricing in this competitive and challenging market.

We currently supply to many stores directly or sell through our website/social media in both
India and abroad. We are available at many online and offline stores as well. We also aim at
establishing our offline stores for you.

Vedas does not believe in cutting corners at work and necessitates a professional and positive approach. Our dedicated team of employees and workers are par excellence, skilled, and that is what holds the most important for us.

While we offer readymade choices of items, we also customize products according to customer
needs, style, and preferences. We use lead-free paints, powder-coated, and rust-free products that make our brand stand out in the crowd. We do not believe in replicating the existing styles and designs, therefore launch new products every two months.

We believe our brand is not only facilitating space for creativity in India but also contributing to the society by creating opportunities for the local artisans.

"We believe our brand is not only facilitating space for creativity in India but also contributing to the society by creating opportunities for the local artisans."

Palash Agrawal

Palash Agrawal is the Founder and Director of Vedas Exports Private Limited. He supports the Make in India movement by encouraging the handmade décor products across the globe. As the founder of this Jodhpur based brand, Agrawal aims to contribute to making India self-reliant by boosting indigenous handicrafts or décor items, giving it its due respect, and not rely on imports.

Having been a part of a business family, he always aspired to do something innovative and contribute to the society. Palash was inspired by his father to explore the world of décor. He established Vedas Exports, which provides handmade décor in India and abroad. Traveling across the globe made him realize that he can bring in a modern perspective to the ancient décor sensibilities, and market the same.

Before Vedas, Palash had been a part of the Jaguar Land Rover in the United Kingdom and Z &a J Technologies GmbH in Duren, Germany. This highly motivated dynamic entrepreneur holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree from Kings College, London.

Now, Palash holds the overall responsibility for the management and marketing of Vedas Exports across the globe. He believes in having a strong and long-term relationship with his customers while maintaining the service standards.

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